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The Birów Stronghold is supposed to depict what a stronghold of the first kings from the Piast Dynasty might have looked like.

Wood was the main building material, yet stones and soils were also used. Embankment and stockades protected the inhabitants from enemies. Most obviously, these natural protective barrier, provided by the landscape itself, played a vital part here. Steep hills, rocks or precipitous slopes stood for natural wards for the stronghold.

The last fortified stronghold on the Birów Mountain was built probably in the 13th century. It was the time when the Polish state was divided into provinces (the so called feudal fragmentation). Between the 13th and 15th century, the kingdom began to slowly integrate again. In Cracow, Duke Władysław the Elbow-high fought for the Polish crown with the Czech king Wacław. We tend to think that the latter is to blame for burning of the Birów stronghold because during excavations, a coin with his image has been found here. Perhaps, it belonged to some Czech warrior?

The square within the wooden walls is called majdan (courtyard). Here’s where the daily life of the inhabitants took place. Its presumed location can be found on the map of the Stronghold.

When this wooden stronghold was at the peak of its glory, the courtyard within the palisade was bursting with life. Between the 13th and 14th century, there were merely a few warriors here, not too many. Yet, there were also servants, merchants and other inhabitants. The courtyards was certainly full of horses neighing, pigs squealing… Cows demanded milking, hens were running away from being treaded on. Few soldiers only were spotting danger. The rest of them were bus repairing their weapons, rushing the local blacksmith in his primitive smithy or chasing maids. 

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