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Oficjalna strona "Zamek" Sp. z o.o. - administratora Zamku Ogrodzienieckiego, Grodu na Górze Birów oraz właściciela Gościńca pod Lilijką


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Exhibitions at the Ogrodzieniec Castle

The Ogrodzieniec Castle is so much more than ruins only!

It’s so full of attractions that you can’t quite comprehend it! We organize lots of fascinating exhibitions telling you the story of the past ages and the lot of the castle itself. At your disposal, there is the Castle Museum,  a rich collection of information about past and present days.

You can also visit the Gród na Górze Birów (Stronghold on the Birów Mountain). All those wanting to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages are most welcome to explore the historical Armoury and Torture Room, the so called Warszycki Torture Place.

The exhibits held there will fascinate both younger and these slightly older visitors! Because learning and fun in one combined is a proven recipe for success!  

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„ZAMEK” Sp. z o.o. Ogrodzieniec
ul. Koś­ciuszki 66, 42-440 Ogrodzie­niec

tel.: +48 32 67 32 220
e-mail: biuro@zamek-ogrodzieniec.pl

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Witamy na stronie internetowej Zamku Ogrodzieniec. Zachęcamy do zwiedzania zamku, uczestniczenia w imprezach i pokazach rycerskich. Gwarantujemy moc wrażeń.
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